Digital Era

Always on the cutting edge of technology The dental industry is in constant evolution. The continuous arrival of new technologies allows for considerable improvement in the techniques of manufacturing dental prostheses and eliminates many technical problems and handling steps in the laboratory, resulting in remarkable efficiency.

Digital Prints

Dental impression material and its inconveniences are now a thing of the past. Digital impression is the new era of dental impression taking and is much more advantageous than the traditional method, both for patients and professionals. It can be obtained in a few minutes without any inconvenience in the mouth and has unparalleled accuracy. It allows you to see the evolution of a dentition in real time.

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Smile creation

Developing a virtual treatment has never been easier.

We are fully equipped to receive all types of digital impressions, regardless of the scanner used. We have developed our 3D modeling techniques for exemplary manufacturing precision. Our products are thus better adapted and closer to the teeth.

Digital prints

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