partial dental prostheses

Everything is done to offer you removable partial dental prostheses made of different alloys of remarkable quality and comfort for the greatest satisfaction of your customers.

Titanium partial prosthesis

The titanium prosthesis is an essential choice that offers amazing results. Exceptionally strong, it provides a much slimmer and lighter feeling than the acrylic prosthesis and has elastic properties that fit perfectly to the required shape, offering unparalleled comfort. It is biocompatible and is the ideal prosthesis for patients who are allergic to metals or who want a better taste sensation.

Coronary bar (hygienic partial denture) made of titanium or cobalt chrome

More delicate and smaller than conventional parts, the hygienic bar is a popular model. Made of titanium, it offers absolute stability while remaining comfortable in the mouth.

Also available in cobalt chrome.

Partial Flexite prosthesis

This prosthesis is of unparalleled flexibility and strength. Its translucency allows it to take on the gums’ natural shade and its light weight increases comfort.

Complete acrylic prosthesis

This prosthesis is quick to make and easily adjustable. It is thicker and covers a large area of the palate. It is an economical and temporary.

Colour choices

We offer a double-verification colour matching service (traditional method and digital validation) directly in our laboratory to precisely reproduce the shades of your patients' natural teeth. We have all the necessary tools for minor touch-ups or major modifications.

Concorde Dental Laboratory

Laboratoire Dentaire Concorde, a modern and proven laboratory that offers you a turnkey service. Take advantage of our expertise.
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