Surgical Guides

Our team of professionals is made up of talented people dedicated to dentistry so that every patient can live life to the fullest. We offer a personalized support service to each of our clients.

We are proud of each of our team member’s contribution. We are fortunate to have an implantology technician with more than 30 years of experience in the dental field with high knowledge in 3D vision. He will be able to provide you with valuable advice throughout your project for optimal results.

3D planning

Exceptional and predictable results.

Personalized collaboration through our software is offered for the diagnosis and planning of your implant cases.

Radiological Guide

Visualizing the position of missing teeth for your CBCT is essential for proper planning of implant placement. Our radiological guides will guide you through this process.

Surgical Guide

Today, implant planning is done in relation to prosthetics, not the other way around. It is therefore essential to use a surgical guide for a predictable restoration.

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