Partial Dental Prostheses

Manufacturing of a fixed partial prosthesis is done with skill and precision for each of the different models. A result that meets your expectations and will certainly make you smile.

Crowns and bridges

The creation of crowns requires a constant concern for aesthetics and usage. All our crowns are made according to the rules of the art, regardless of the composition and the chosen material.

Rehabilitation cases

Rehabilitation is meticulous work. It requires a rigorous scientific method, a developed sense of aesthetics, as well as an exhaustive analysis of occlusion, functionality and an optimal choice of materials used. In order to facilitate transport, we offer you the possibility of calibrating your articulators with ours.

E-Max Crowns

E-max crowns are designed with simplicity and flexibility. It is a metal-free alternative offering a high level of aesthetics and strength.

Empress Crowns

Empress crowns are a choice that inspires confidence. Tried and tested and renowned for decades, Empress IPS systems and their refined aesthetics have proven themselves repeatedly.


Zirconia is a material known for its hardness and wide choice of colours, allowing us to replace most ceramic-metallic cases.

Ceramic-metallic crowns

These crowns fit impeccably on the teeth. Machined or cast, they are very precise.

Colour choices

We offer a double-verification colour matching service (traditional method and digital validation) directly in our laboratory to precisely reproduce the shades of your patients' natural teeth. We have all the necessary tools for minor touch-ups or major modifications.

Concorde Dental Laboratory

Laboratoire Dentaire Concorde, a modern and proven laboratory that offers you a turnkey service. Take advantage of our expertise.
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